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 Well,i'm back for some pretty interesting news! So, let's start!
So, if you have already noticed, i'm making a new seires called "A Chao's Day" if you don't know what chao's are, you should probably play the gamecube Sonic games, (For example, Sonic DX).
The charecters are Chaoly, the main charecter, he is a good chao. He's pretty streight-forward chao. His best friend, Chaoic an evil chao, but there still best friends. Chaoic can be preety fiesty and a wise crack. Then there's Chaoette, also a good chao. Chaoly has a secret crush on her. She can be kinda strange, and really bashful, but Chaoly still likes her. The Plot for episode 1 is that there is a play going on, so Chaoly and Chaoic end up to have the lead roles. Then when Chaoette auditoins, she ends up being anonther big part. If you wanna know more, stay tuned!

Blog posted on: March 12, 2011.
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